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Our translators and interpreters are ready to assist you with a world of cultural insights, market knowledge, and industry expertise. Our passion for providing you with quality language solutions is backed by a team of dedicated and talented individuals. We’re combining the industry-leading expertise of our Language Advisers, translators, and interpreters with smart technology to give you the quality language solutions you’re used to, but better, faster, and more convenient.


We provide language solutions to thousands of clients from all over the world,supporting their journey to global success.

CODE OF HONOUR Members of the NGTV:

They only put their name to documents that they have themselves translated.
They observe full confidentiality with respect to that which comes to their knowledge in – or as a result of – their capacity as translator or interpreter.
They refrain from taking advantage – themselves or on behalf of third parties – of any knowledge they may gain from, or as a result of, the execution of their function as translator or interpreter.
They refrain from undertaking any unworthy form of advertising or competition.
In the case of translation or interpreting assignments executed as sub-contractor, they abstain from entering directly into contact with the principal.
Place all their knowledge and capability at the service of their principal in the execution of each commission, in full awareness of the responsibility that their task as translator or interpreter lays upon them.
They accept only commissions which are within their sphere of knowledge and capability.
By means of relevant permanent education they ensure that they maintain their level of knowledge and capability, keeping abreast of new developments in their own fields.
On the basis of the confidential nature of their commissions, and the responsibility inherent in the service they provide, NGTV members conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
They sign the completed translation with their name and signature, thus indicating that they bear full responsibility for it.

Certification Fees

Agencies: EUR 1500 – 3000 depending on the company size + traveling costs. The final total costs depend on the real size of the company including management, administration, project managers, freelancers and in-house translators. You should define the Number of those 5 groups in the application form. Your Lead Auditor will interview all your team members and representatives of your freelancers. Freelancer: EUR 400 + traveling costs, if needed These are the fees for the initial audit (first certification audit) including registration, documentation check, site visit and certificate issuing fees. There’s a surveillance audit in the 2nd and 3rd years; fees are about 20% less than the above mentioned initial fees.